16 January 2007

Om Chhattisgarh, "i Indiens hjärta"

DANTEWADA "Chhattisgarh is a newly created state, bifurcated from Madhya Pradesh, which lies in the heart of India. It offers much to the delight of the tourist. Intersected by meandering rivers and dotted with hills and lakes, the region has a varied natural settings of great beauty. Having a long and exciting historical background, the cultural heritage of the region is incomparable. Innumerable monuments of exquisite beauty, temples, stupas, forts, and palaces on hilltops bring before the eyes of the visitor visions of empires and kingdoms of great warriors and builders, poets and musicians, saints and philosophers of a golden past."
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"The region is no less interesting for lover of wild life. A variety of wild animals inhabit its rich tropical forests. Tigers, panthers, Indian buffaloes, spotted deer, black buck are a few of the wild animals to be found in this state. Each region in this state has something special to offer to the tourist. The handicrafts are varied and highly valuable."
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"...contains many tribal areas within and hence exhibits several aspects of tribal culture. It is a state of colourful people with varied customs, customes and beliefs. (- - -)...tribal life-style, though slightly influenced by modernization, still exists here to a great extent."

Ur A Road Guide to Chhattisgarh, en karta vi köpte i Visakhapatnam med en stilig tiger på omslaget!


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