04 September 2008

Sökes: kombo till liten trea i Williamsburg, NYC

SOLNA Här kommer en fantastisk bostadsdeal, om det finns någon därute som skulle vilja bo billigt och bra i Brooklyn i fem månader. Det är min kompis K som söker en flat mate – själv ska hon vara i Stockholm! Så kan det gå. Som ni ser nedan söker hon skriv- och redaktörsuppdrag här.

Alla frågor till: kar2044@yahoo.com


P S Ordlista
pomeranian = dvärgspets
2 bedroom = trea
walk up = ej hiss


Hi All,

I'm looking for a housemate Oct 1st – Feb 28. I'll be spending all but about three weeks of that time in Sweden, so whoever takes the room will have the apartment to themselves.

I'm almost certain I can bring my pomeranian with me, but I may need to leave her home for a quarantine period of 120 days, in which case I'll require a dog-friendly housemate who can take care of her until she's allowed to travel abroad. She, by the way, is exceedingly cute, quiet and easy to care for.


P S I'll be looking for part-time work in Stockholm (copyediting, writing, PR work in English-language publishing, but open to most anything) if you happen to know of any leads. I speak French but not yet Swedish.

Official ad:

Room for rent in 2-bedroom Williamsburg 4th floor walk-up near S3rd and Keap Streets. Close to the Lorimer L, G and Marcy JMZ stops. Steps away from cafes, bars, shops, restaurants, etc. Room is cozy, sunny, furnished with single bed, a closet and a wardrobe. It can also come unfurnished. If you're a couple I can give you the queen-sized bed instead. The apartment is box-shaped, about 700sq ft, with a living room, eat-in kitchen, and wood floors throughout. Well-heated in the winter. Respectful neighbors. I can usually pick up wireless from outside, though if this is a concern we can get wi-fi. You'll need a mobile phone as there's no LAN.

The rent is $750 a month plus $70/month for electricity and gas, and one month's deposit. Note that I'll only be staying there for a week or two once or twice between Oct and Feb, if that, so you'll have the place to yourself.

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