19 August 2009

The Amish Internet

NEW YORK Inte alla amerikanska papperstidningar lider av kris... Amish-tidningen The Budget i Sugarcreek, Ohio (som ägs av icke-amish och har en icke-amish som ansvarig utgivare) fungerar ungefär som den alltid gjort enligt detta AP-reportage. Utdrag:

[Utgivaren/chefredaktören Keith] Rathbun's most pressing concern isn't the threat of the Internet, but ensuring that his readers, scattered across remote stretches of farmland, get their newspapers on time.
"People call The Budget the Amish Internet," Rathbun says. "It's non-electric, it's on paper, but it's the same thing."
The Budget is the dominant means of communication among the Amish, a Christian denomination with about 227,000 members nationwide who shun cars for horse-drawn buggies and avoid hooking up to the electrical grid.
The local edition, mailed to about 10,000 Ohio subscribers, is a typical community newspaper produced by The Budget's own employees, and their local stories are all that appear online. There's a page dedicated to church news and another to farming — there you get the going price for alfalfa and hay.
(Via Vassa eggen.)


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