23 March 2011

Brev från Japan

Så här skrev min väninna S i Tokyo idag:
Dear Gunilla,

Thank you for thinking about me, my family myself are both safe, :)

we do not have extended family in north japan but worries our old neighbor friends who are in Miyagi and we do not know yet about their status..
it was a big quake..and still after shocks continues everyday. we are 240KM away from nuclear plant but food, water and air gradually started contaminated, not significant level, but thinking about 20-3-years keep eating these food, I feel how humanbeing polluted nature- for the sake of convenience of advanced technology, this is extreme example.
The things I learned and researched Indonesia Tsunami relief in 2005 in Geneva is happening right in front of me. we are short of power too in tokyo so cut off heating and lights at night.
I do very much look forward to peaceful days come back!


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