27 May 2008

"Opportunities lost"

NEW YORK Vänsterblaskan The Nations chefredaktör skriver om Hillary Clinton och varför hon borde avsluta sin valkampanj den 3 juni – och vad hon missat att göra i och med att hon mestadels försökt tona ned sin *kvinnlighet*:
Hillary might even have given a speech about what it would mean to elect the first women President. She might have given a superb gender speech--one that people, generations to come, might be talking about just as they will be talking about Barack Obama's magnificent speech on race. But she chose not to. Instead, Clinton chose a different route. And while, on some level, I like Clinton's "I'm fighting for you" persona, and her fighter instinct, that stance came too late in the campaign and needed an anchor in a larger fight than the fate and future of her campaign. So, opportunities lost, squandered. So, it is with sadness that one watches these last days of what began as an energizing and historic campaign.

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