15 July 2008

Cyberstalkers i ansiktsboken (totally creepy)

NEW YORK Det här är ett meddelande från en kompis som drabbats av en cyberstalker (någon typ som hon träffade som hastigast en gång i tiden, men inte känner och inte vill ha att göra med). Kanske finns ett och annat viktigt att ta till sig för oss alla. Jag har fått hennes tillstånd att lägga ut denna varning här, även om hon skrev den till sina Facebook-vänner.
Sorry to have to bother you about this... You may have noticed that I have deactivated my FB account. This is because I am being cyber-stalked and the person doing the stalking is also trying to get to me through my friends on FB. He has already broken into my email and FB once, and done it to several of my friends. I feel totally awful about this for the people to whom this has already happened and want to prevent this from happening to you. Please, please, please make sure that your Facebook password is a secure one, that your email password is a secure one, and that your security question is something that no one could find from a general information search (your mother's maiden name, your father's middle name, the first street you lived on are all public knowledge for someone who knows how to find it).
This person has also broken into someone's email and then posed as that person on FB to ask personal questions to other people to access their security questions. He has then changed people's passwords and personal info so that they can not get back into their accounts. I know, totally, totally creepy.
So if anyone (even someone you think you know) asks you what your pet's name was, what elementary school you went to (which, if you list your high school on FB is also easy info to get) or some other random personal question, be very careful and verify that the person is that person. If anything suspicious like this does happen or has already happened to you, please let me know.
Sorry to even have to waste your time with this, but it is actually a good thing to make sure these pieces of info are secure and can't be discovered by someone through your FB page.

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