06 July 2008

Powell 54 – Clinton 39 (1995)

NEW YORK Michael Barone skriver i en text publicerad av Real Clear Politics att det amerikanska folket redan visat – om än bara i opinionsundersökningar – att det är redo att rösta på en svart presidentkandidat:
In any case, Obama's candidacy by itself is not a test of whether Americans are unwilling to vote for a black candidate; to determine that, you would have to take into account whether those unwilling to vote for him would be willing to vote for a different kind of black candidate. And as it happens, there is such a test case. In the fall of 1995, Colin Powell, fresh from a boffo book tour, was (or was widely thought to be) contemplating running for president. There were plenty of polls matching him as the Republican nominee against incumbent Democrat Bill Clinton. And running well: A typical Gallup poll had him leading Clinton 54 to 39 percent.
That's bigger than any lead Obama has had over John McCain this year.

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