12 September 2008

Korrigering: Palin ingen bokbrännare

SOLNA Här skrev jag om Sarah Palins påstådda försök att censurera vissa böcker på lokalbiblioteket i Wasilla. Här har faktagransknings-sajten Factcheck.org kollat och kommit fram till att den informationen var synnerligen hårdragen. Utdrag:
As we’ve noted, Palin did not attempt to ban any library books. We don’t know if Emmons’ resistance to Palin’s questions about possible censorship had anything to do with Emmons’ firing. And we have no idea if the protests had any impact on Palin at all. There simply isn’t any evidence that we can find either way. Palin did re-hire Emmons the following day, saying that she now felt she had the librarian’s backing. Emmons continued to serve as librarian until August 1999, when the Chicago Tribune reports that she resigned.

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