11 September 2008

Live från New York

SOLNA Denna sorgliga årsdag följer journalistikstudenterna på Columbia University i New York senatorerna Obama och McCain och deras deltagande i 11 september-minnesstunderna. Det verkar röra sig om något slags multimedialt experiment. Kanske skoj att kolla in, vad vet jag.
Get a backstage pass to see Senators Barack Obama and John McCain this Thursday, 9/11. Visit http://obamamccainatcolumbia.blogspot.com for unparalleled access to the ServiceNation's Presidential Candidates Forum at Columbia University. Students from Columbia Journalism School will cover the media, the hype, and the buzz on campus, from the morning at Ground Zero until the final protestor leaves campus. We will be updating our multimedia coverage constantly with liveblogs, photo and audio slideshows, tweets and a live video feed. Come join us!

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