27 October 2008

Eat the Candidates

NEW YORK En middag som lagas den 2 november av en hemmakock på Upper West Side:
Join me to get a taste of our future leaders. This dinner will be a dinner in 4 courses based on the presidential candidates.
Some of these recipes are from what these candidates claim to cook themselves, some are my interpretations of what they say or stand for. Some of it I just made up. Come share your enthusiasm for politics and good food.

First course: Sarah Palin
Alaskan crab cakes

Second Course: Barack Obama
Obama family chili recipe
Salad of arugula, slivered red onion, and other fancy veggies

Third Course: John McCain
McCain's dry rubbed baby back ribs
Mac and Cheese (get it?)
Red, White and Blue potatoes

Fourth Course: Joe Biden
Joe's favorite oatmeal cookies
All American Apple Pie

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