08 October 2008

"Obama's verbal blunders"

NEW YORK Här får ni ett citat att tänka på från den konservativa bloggen RedState, dock utan journalistisk granskning/värdering/kommentar, för nu går jag och lägger mig.
"...heads should explode all around if serious attention is not paid to some whoppers by Obama during this second debate. He told us that the government invented the computer, which is silly. He told us that we ought to stop humanitarian disasters overseas but never contemplated the possibility that a humanitarian disaster could and likely would unfold in Iraq if we follow Obama's precipitous plans for a withdrawal and if we listened to him when we were contemplating implementing the surge and the counterinsurgency strategy. And Obama wondered what it might have been like if we intervened to stop the Holocaust, but was apparently unaware of the fact that the liberation of concentration camps was part and parcel of the Allied offensive into Germany near the end of World War II.

Here's a thought experiment: Imagine what would have been the mainstream media response if Sarah Palin made these mistakes.

Done? Good. Now, let's see if the same response unfolds in mainstream media circles in response to Obama's verbal blunders. By all rights, it should.


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