24 January 2009

Atlantic Monthly for the Global Indian

STOCKHOLM "The editor is in London, the copy/production desk in San Francisco, Washington DC and the Design Director is in Dubai with two designers based in India."

Globalisering i praktiken! Läs mer om planerna på en "global indisk Atlantic Monthly" här. Exempel på artiklar som planeras till första numret:

- Is the economic meltdown leading to an increase in hate crimes against Asians, which include people from Indian origin?
- Will the Sari become be an official dress in UK?
- What does the election of Obama mean for the Muslim world? Can he live up to the foreign policy challenges bequeathed to him by the Bush administration?
- There is a strong wind stirring up the otherwise stale and oftentimes predictable air of fashion, it is the emergence of the new India guard in the global marketplace. These designers are rewriting and redirecting the fashion landscape with their vivid colors, extraordinary handiwork and interesting twists on traditional cultural reference .


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