27 September 2007

This just in; Svaret på alla frågor är nej

Ibland får man mail från förhoppningsfulla PR-människor. Här är ett exempel.


I’m wondering if you’ll be covering the Airbus 380 story between now and October 25th when it departs from Singapore to Sydney. If you need more information on the story, this is the first A-380 passenger flight. It has been delayed for two years due to production problems. The jumbo jet is a double-decker that can hold 853 passengers. The tail is almost 8 stories tall and the fuselage and wingspan are each almost as long as a football field.

Jason Speer (32), a manufacturing VP from the Chicago area who has traveled to more than 80 countries, is one of the Americans who has already purchased a ticket. Many tickets are still available on EBay. All proceeds from the flight will be donated to charity. If you are interested in interviewing Jason about his participation in aviation history, or if you would like to arrange a traveler’s report on the event, please let me know! I’d be happy to assist you.

Susan Schreiber

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