02 December 2007

"Strangers to the Multicultural America"

NEW YORK New York Times har idag en intressant artikel som utvecklar det tema jag berörde i denna bloggpost, om att svarta väljare (och även andra minoriteter) är republikanernas svaga punkt. Poängen är att alla republikanska planer räknat med att Hillary Clinton blir huvudmotståndare, men de får svårare att attackera Barack Obama. Provcitat:

... the G.O.P., by its own doing, is nonetheless saddled with a history that most recently includes “macaca” and Katrina, Mr. Bush’s appearance at Bob Jones University in 2000 and the nonexistent black population of its Congressional delegation.
(– – –)
It’s not because those no-shows are racists; it’s because they are defensive and out of touch. With the notable exception of Mike Huckabee, most of the party’s candidates have barricaded themselves from African-Americans for so long that they don’t know how to speak to or about them. As sure-footed as these Republicans are in attacking the Clintons and Streisand — or in exchanging fire with Al Sharpton and hip-hop moguls — they are strangers to the mainstream multiracial and multicultural America exemplified by an Obama or an Oprah.


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