17 June 2008

Sebelius och Palin

NEW YORK Och nu ett litet avbrott i FRA-eländet för att påminna om det amerikanska presidentvalet, ifall någon hade glömt det...

P J Anders Linder tycks hålla med mig om att Sarah Palin vore en bra vicepresidentkandidat för John McCain, och Camille Paglia tycks hålla med mig om att Kathleen Sebelius vore dito för Barack Obama:
..I've come to feel that Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius is Obama's best bet. She is a polished public presence who epitomizes that cordial, smoothly reassuring, and blandly generic WASPiness that has persistently defined the American power structure in business and government and that has weirdly resisted wave after wave of immigration since the mid-19th century. An Obama-Sebelius pairing would be visually vibrant and radiant, like a new day dawning.
(Fast det där med WASP? Jag tror Sebelius är katolik.)


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  1. Mac Pick Palin Veep BEFORE Hil Campaigns w/Obama!

    In addition to her overwhelming attraction on the oil/energy issue and the female/disaffected Hillary voters, her human interest story will generate millions and millions of dollars worth of publicity and media coverage — essentially free to the McCain campaign — more than offsetting Obama’s reported money advantage.