22 June 2009

Brittisk fond för (grävande) journalistik

NEW YORK Apropå det jag skrev igår, om ProPublica och public service-journalistik, så har en grupp brittiska journalister startat en fond för undersökande rapportering och grävjobb. Ur deras manifest:

The fund does not intend to compete directly with established media, but will instead provide the seeds from which the big story can grow. It will help provide the initial cash & support required to back journalists who want to dig into risky and difficult areas: exactly the sort of things for which it is hard to get funding.

We want to aim locally and globally – to support the sort of investigation of grassroot stories and services that is dying by the minute as local newspapers are hit hard; and to support those many stories of vital public interest in Britain that have an important international connection, particularly in the developing world, but where the costs of chasing down the truth may seem prohibitively high.

Many of us involved in this project are veterans with a long track record but our primary aim is to support a new generation of up-and-coming investigators — to raise morale among talented people who may be searching in vain for the support needed to pursue their great ideas.

(– – –)

... our key aim — when long-established business models are struggling — is also to be an incubator for new ideas and methods not only to pursue investigations but also how to fund them. We hope to launch an experiment with all sorts of innovative fundraising methods — all of them with the common aim of guaranteeing the independence and objectivity of public interest reporting.

Läs mer här. (Tipstack: Jon Pelling)


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