07 June 2009

"Urban Warfare Training" i Virginia

NEW YORK Kolla vilka intressanta pressinbjudningar man får! Denna handlar om ett studiebesök på den amerikanska militärbas som tränar soldater för strider i stadsmiljö i främst Irak och Afghanistan. (Jag och fotografen Chris Maluszynski har gjort ett reportage om liknande utbildning från Fort Polk i Louisiana – ett av mina mest intressanta fältarbeten någonsin, med material publicerat i DN LördagSöndag, norska Memo och ST Press.)


WHAT: Reporting Tour on "The Making of a U.S. Marine -- Urban Warfare Training"

WHEN: June 3, 2009

WHERE: Quantico, Virginia

DESCRIPTION: Please join the FPC in a visit to Marine Corps Base Quantico to film a new class of Marine officers from Quantico's The Basic School (TBS) as they practice urban warfare training. Marines will also demonstrate Marine Corps Martial Arts and other techniques for dealing with local citizens and defusing confrontations without resorting to violence. Media will then visit TBS to film and interview students about why they chose to become Marines at a crucial time in our history with regular overseas deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. They will also have the opportunity to interview the TBS commander, have an MRE lunch with Marines, and other activities TBD.

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