30 April 2010

Två journalistik-länkar

NEW YORK Min idol Nicholas Kristof twittertipsar om två artiklar om journalistik som alla medieintresserade gott kan ta ta del av:

Washington Post – The dangers of embedded journalism, in war and politics

"I fear that embedded media are becoming the norm, and not just when it comes to war. The chroniclers of political and cultural debates increasingly move in a caravan with one side or another, as well. This nonmilitary embedding may have a different rationale, but there's a similar effect that comes with traveling under the canopy of a particular candidate, party or community. Journalists gain access to information and talkative sources, but also the distortions and biases that come with being "on the bus" or "on the plane.""

Slate – Why Not Pay Sources?

"Who benefits when sources aren't paid? If a whistle-blower gives me a hot scoop for free, I might get a raise or even a book contract out of it. My publisher may sell more ads. Everybody up and down the chain will profit except the source. Is that right? Is that ethical? If the source were really smart, he'd take his whiz-bang material to a book publisher himself. There, selling your story isn't unethical. It's business as usual!"

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